Eating, breathing, evacuating and sleeping. Four actions that we all have in common, humans and animals, but which differentiates us. This blog is to share with you a lifestyle based on the essentials of life, a personal path, leading to harmony with those around us.

EATING/ I became vegetarian when I was 19, after watching unbearable videos on the killing of animals by the meat industry. I directly stopped meat and fish. I slowly discover the difficulties of becoming vegetarian in France: the family’s concern, the friend’s concern, society in general… Along the way, I’m questioning the rest of the food, and decide to stop eggs, milk, and finally all by-products (butter, cheese…) This happens around 8 years later!

Today, I’ve decided to create a blog to share my secrets and the benefits of this lifestyle with you. For a long time, I was deeply saddened by the burden of animals. My rage and powerlessness to change anything slowly turned into sharing vegan food to promote the benefits of this “lifestyle”. Eating has become a type of activism.

BREATHING/ We often forget to consciously breathe. In yoga, I learned that the length of the breath is equal to the span of one’s life. For example, the hare breathes 38x per minute and lives 8 years. On the opposite, the turtle breathes 4x per minute and lives 150 years. We breathe on average 12x per minute and should live 120 years. And we see that it’s not the case.

I discover yoga in India, during a humanitarian trip. I discover my body from the inside. It’s a revelation! After horse riding for 20 years, I was far from being flexible. I have to learn everything again: breathe, relax, let go, and stay still… Now yoga is part of my daily life.

EVACUATE/ I discover the importance of elimination during a yoga retreat. The teacher tells us that we should go to the bathroom after each meal so three times a day. Everybody is making big eyes! She even gives us a tip to do it… Our body is composed of 5L of blood to absorb the nutrients, and 20L of lymph to evacuate the waste. It has much more resources to evacuate (by the skin, lungs, and the two ways down.)

A lot of the food we eat makes our body acidic (meat and dairy, coffee, alcohol, sugar…), when, in order to balance of pH, we should be eating more alkaline food (green veggies.) I discover the importance of juicing and easiness to include it in your daily routine. I will share a couple of “detox” ideas on my blog.

The goal of this blog is primarily to give you concrete and simple ideas to easily integrate them in your daily life. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings, testimonials and questions.

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