How to become vegan

On this page you will discover the three steps to become vegan at your own rhythm: What to buy, How to cook, and How to supplement yourself.


salade cru et jus vert What to buy

Forget the first assumptions, vegans do have a large choice of food. Fruits and vegetables, cereals (quinoa, millet, buckwheat, wheat…), soy, legumes (chickpea, lentils, peas, beans…), oleaginous (nuts, hazelnut, almonds…), grains and derivatives (oils and plant-based milk), there can only be so much choice!

To ease the transition, or by “taste”, there is panel of faux-meat, fish, dairy and others… You will be astonished by their taste. Furthermore, those products have less fat and are more easily digestible. There is enough for everyone’s taste. Here are a few examples that you can find in organic shops like Naturalia, Bio c’bon, Biocoop, and the vegan shops like Le Monde Vegan in Paris. Here are examples from Monde Vegan (can be shipped everywhere in France):

lasagne cru How to cook

Now that you have bought all the necessary ingredients, here are some ideas for a weekly menu. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM Banana, dates and almost milkshake Homemade granola & yogurt Pancakes with maple syrup The green juice Blueberry muffin Brioche bun with jam Winter fruit salad
Lunch Chili sin carne Raw zucchini noodles Black bean quinoa burger (gluten free) Pumpkin and kale salad Spring rolls Tofu pastry Potatoe galette
PM Sweet potatoe, carrot and leeks soup Moroccan couscous Leek and onion tart Red curry with tofu Lentil burger Chickpea & spinach soup Sushi

dragon fruit How to supplement yourself

The vegan deficiency myth

We’re usually scared about deficiencies when we change out diet. But the only deficiency observed on long-term vegans is vitamin B12. However, omnivores are also at risk of vitamin B12 deficiencies, and adults +50 years old are in general always deficient. It is advisable to have a blood test once in a while to watch it.

Vegetables contain very few vitamin B12. Certain algae, like spirulina and others, contain an analog of B12, but they don’t have the real properties. Therefore, it is recommended for anyone starting a vegan diet to check their levels of B12 ans if necessary adjust it with a supplement. You can find Vitamin B12 Delagrange 1000μg, or Vitamine B12 Gerda 1000μg / 4ml, in every pharmacy for a couple of euros. You can also buy B12 supplements at Un Monde Vegan.

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